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Dinosaur Truck Carrier – 12 Toy Dinosaurs Playset with Dinosaur Truck

Dinosaur Truck Carrier – 12 Toy Dinosaurs Playset with Dinosaur Truck

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MORE FUN WITH MORE DINOSAURS: Includes 12 Jurassic period dinosaur toys and each one is different from the other – Your children will have so much fun exploring the differences between the12 different types of dinosaurs in the Mobius Toys Dino Truck. Take your dinosaurs on adventures, transporting them from the dinosaur world all the way here to the 21th century

A SUPER TRUCK WITH 2 WINDOWPANES: In this double axel truck wheels, your children can display their dinosaurs and play all day long. On each side of the truck there are six mini-dinosaurs ready to jump out and explore the world whenever and wherever you feel like it. The windowpane compartments open and close easily, making it extremely fun for everyone. Storing the dinosaurs is easy with these two compartments, allowing you to keep track of the dinosaurs, as each has its own designated place

INTERACTIVE AND PORTABLE: Mobius world dinosaur toys interact with their surroundings, giving your boy or girl endless possibilities and developing their imagination and creativity. With the specially designed handle on the top of the truck, your children will be able to easily carry it around. Play at home or in the yard, take your Dino Truck for a spin around your room or in the lawn, and check out how everything turns into a part of the fun. Best Christmas Gift or Birthday Party

YEARS OF FUN WITH YOUR DINO FRIENDS: Long Lasting High Quality Materials – Mobius Toys Dinosaur Car and Dinosaur Action Figures are made of high quality durable materials, giving your little children many years of fun with their dinosaurs-friends right out the box. Keep your dinosaurs-friends safe for many years in the durable truck, designed especially for your dinosaurs in order to provide them a comfortable and safe home. Overall Dino Truck Dimensions Measure: 15.75" x 4.72" x 3.35"

TRUSTED BRAND! 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: At MOBIUS Toys, we will do whatever it takes to make you thrilled with your purchase. Our awesome Dinosaur Toy Playset comes in a beautifully designed gift box that’s perfect for Christmas or Birthday Presents. PLUS, Special BONUS coupon. Because we’re so confident in the quality of our toys, we give you a ZERO-RISK, 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE + 2 YEAR MANUFACTURER WARRANTY

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