The Secret of Getting Your Kids More Creative

Childhood is very important. Here at Mobius Toys we know it’s
the time that kids develop skills and character in order to become great adults.
Just like you, we want them to find out what they like,
what are they good at and discover new talents.
To do that, we want to help them develop their imagination, curiosity,
motor skills, coordination and more.

We are very good at bringing you the best toys for various ages.
We give everything we have in order to expand the use of our toys
and finding more games and ways to play with them.
But the best way to broaden the minds of kids and adults alike
is by creating something of your own.

For that we need materials

To open your child’s mind to new ideas and have them create, we need three things:

  1. Accessibility: Place the craft materials somewhere visible, so that the kids could easily see them and will want to play with them.
  2. Safety: Make sure that the materials are age appropriate and safe. If you need to watch every move of your child and tell him or her all the time that they need to be careful, it might hold up their ability to fly with their imagination.
  3. Relevance: Find out with your child the interesting qualities of the materials. Increase their curiosity by challenging them in different ways and helping them build a world of possibilities.

There are no exact lists of materials. Every child is unique and develops differently.

Here bellow, there are example lists of materials for different ages that will give your child the freedom to create.

Enjoy!!! 😊

Creativity materials for one year old

Creative materials for two years old

Creative materials for three years old

Creative materials for four years old

Creative materials for five and six years old

Creative materials for seven years old and up

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