A Present From Us To You

MOBIUS Toys is a family business,
a very creative one, and
we want you to feel a part of the family, to know
that we are creating the best materials for you
just like we do for ourselves.

Meet the members of the family:

Mom, Rose, is a great cook and
she always experiments in the kitchen.
The house is full of colors and every
item has a perfect place, from crafts, painting to knitting,
oriental trinkets and even the sofa pillows.
Dad, James, the businessman,
he is the youngest grandpa I know.
He is the life of the party and will always
have a good advice for you.

They have 3 children:
Eleanor, the youngest, is a ceramic artist,
who inherited her father business side
and has her beautiful pottery displayed around the world.
Her partner is an author and
together they travel the world.
The middle child is Gerald,
he is a doctoral student, who paints and writes plays.
His spouse (which is me, nice to meet you, Naomi)
is an actress who loves to write and create.
The oldest son, Jason, is an animator
who is married to a gorgeous interior decorator
and they have 2 kids, a baby girl and a five-year-old son.

That’s the family that adopted me, and now, you too,
and together we are going to explore the kids’ creative world
through our toys, games, crafts, behavior tips and advices.

I’m going to give you everything I know about creativity
and quality time with your kids and family.
The fun and informative materials that I have
will help you communicate better with your family,
without screens and other distractions.
I will also recommend specific “Mobius Toys”
products that I think will benefit your family the most,
helping you create the best possible connection.

I understand if the deal doesn’t suit you
and you just want all the “free” tips and lessons.
You can unsubscribe from our list – no hard feelings.
We want in the Mobius Toys family members that commit 100%
to the happiness of their family and want quality materials.

Life is a marathon and the scenery is constantly changing,
so in order to succeed we need:

  • To implement
  • To open our mind to new things
  • To invest time and money in our family and future.

If that’s you,
Congratulations! This article is exactly for you!

And now,
I want to give you a present –
Coloring pages of one of our best-selling toys
that every child wants!
Just download, print and color:

MOBIUS Toys coloring page

If you want the real thing you can get it here

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